An invitation to reflective leadership

In order to create a sustainable future we are facing a process of co-creation with collective wisdom. Reflective leadership is essential in learning and understanding how to do this effectively. It unifies us in the pursuit of common goals – giving us a framework, a language and a methodology that brings us together and opens up space for it to happen.

So – what do we mean by Reflective leadership in a co-creative process? It means that we are not inviting you to engage in a linear process, but in a holistic one; meaning a mental, spiritual, physical and emotional learning process. Skills for co-creating with group wisdom cannot be «downloaded» or attained through textbooks and lectures only – our mental capacity can not digest this kind of knowledge on its own. These social or «soft» skills can be developed through experiential knowledge. To activate these skills, we invite individuals to focus on the meta level of their experiences.

We develop an understanding of the human being that helps us connect on a universal level. We enjoy our own reflective leadership (who we are and where we want to go), and – together become more able to solve global problems, to communicate and collaborate, to co-create and innovate.