Connecting to good flow and energy in Pristina.

My good friend, Joan de Boer invited me to connect to Pristina, and his network there. When I arrived it felt like a whole new continent was opening up for me – even though, geographically, I was in the middle of Europe. Just a short flight from Oslo.

Joan achieved great things in Kosovo, and he has made a difference to many people there. His first trip to the country was just after they got their independency. He started Kosovo 2.0, an independent news agency. Their purpose is to break the stereotype news from Kosovo brought to us by international news agencies. Since then Kosovo 2.0  has become the most important news blog in the Balkans, and attracts readers from all over the world. In the attempt to create a website for Kosovo 2.0, he ended up establishing an IT- company called SPRIGS. The purpose of SPRIGS is for employees to succeed; create, experience and evolve. His partner, Kreshnik Hasanaj makes sure it all happens on a daily basis. Today they have clients in Amsterdam, London and Oslo, and win international awards for their work.

I had some wonderful days with Joan and Kreshnik in Pristina, and I connected indeed, to more people than I thought possible in just four days.

07.06.2018 Maya Lie #makeitgrow