We bring the «Lead to Lead» learning program to Korea(ns).

At Providers of Goodness we have experienced the crucial value of being able to collaborate and communicate with people from other backgrounds. International collaboration requires a ‘Next Level Leadership’ paradigm that invites people to take leadership themselves. We reached out to the leadership experts at Dalar international, to partner up and bring the Lead to Lead program to Korea. Why? Because we really want Koreans to have easy access to holistic approaches that support global collaboration.

Developing leadership capacities
These days, the performance environment for leaders is constantly changing – both within and outside of the organizations they run. With the Lead to Lead program we offer a learning setting for people in leadership to acquire additional skills, concepts, knowledge and capacities, to thrive in this ever changing environment. We create a setting in which you can very concretely explore – first for yourself, and then with your peers – how to meet your expanded accountability as a leader: building organizations that grow and thrive in change, working with adaptability and flexibility, having a collaborative solution focus, and responding proactively to issues of gender equality, and economic, social and environmental ethics.

Lead to Lead program
With the Lead to Lead program we hope to support you in making the shift towards the leadership paradigm of ‘leading to lead’. This includes learning about ways of how to invite all people in your organization to take up their own leadership. It includes problem solving from a perspective of inclusiveness.

With our first Lead to Lead program in Seoul, Korea, we aim to kickstart an inclusive leadership (learning) community in Korea and in Asia in general, that offers the space to discuss and discover practical ways for how to lead as an inclusive leader. The program will also provide an exciting opportunity to meet leaders from all over the world, who work on social innovation projects in different fields.


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