Embrace uncertainty; trust the process

People and organizations start to understand and even accept that it’s all about the learning process – continuous evolvement and growth – and that they will never reach the ‘perfect’ happy ending.

Within this evermore connected society the outcomes of our actions have become more and more unpredictable. Bearing this new reality in mind, we see a shift in organizations from focusing on outcome to focusing on process and learning – in order to be flexible, effective and efficient.

In the past people often attempted to ‘fix’ their reality to match an ideal, thus creating the illusion that someday they would get to reach the ‘perfect’ state. However, living in this rapidly changing society more and more people understand that this frame of mind doesn’t apply (anymore). This understanding is also growing within organisations, where the focus is shifting towards flexible structures and lifelong learning. Where once rigid protocols were the ultimate way to being productive, and the solution to dealing with uncertainty, these days another layer is being added with trust-based collaborative approaches like Agile, Genuine Contact etc. The amount of people that is facilitated to work from home, or around the world, and that is connecting to their colleagues via social platforms, shows that trust-based collaborative approaches are on the rise.

Embracing uncertainty allows people to be focusing on the here and now. We go beyond the concepts of right or wrong, black or white, good or bad. Understanding that we are all in a process – always in a process – and that the process itself is complete as it is, becomes the starting point of finding the full potential of ourselves.