Maya Lie

Being an Art Director, Brand Consultant, Design Manager and founder of Providers of Goodness, I continuously have to develop new thinking and new skills to help solve existing problems.

Working in the creative business developing concepts for products, brands, visual communication, corporate stories and identities, I have experienced many kinds of businesses and organizations, and seen how they operate. My purpose has always been to solve clients problems. When society change, problems change – and so my skills have to change. It is an ongoing learning process, because solving problems is not so much about creating a solution (within your own comfort zone)  – but to understand the problem (and be willing to go outside your comfort zone).

Providers of Goodness is me going outside my comfort zone. The challenges we are facing today can not be solved by one person alone. From my understanding (supported by various organizations), these are so complex challenges, we actually need to create new ways of operating together. Minor changes will not do this time, we have to make a big leap.

05.02.2018 Maya Lie