Open Space Technology (OST) with the Paju Typography Institute (PaTI) community.

OST is a simple way to run meetings (for five to 2000+ people), and a powerful approach to purpose-driven leadership. The events focus on a specific purpose or task, but start off without any formal agenda.

GoWoon facilitated PaTI’s first OST on Dec. 15th, 2017. The task of this OST was how to further develop  the PaTi-culture, to solve difficulties, to give space to initiative to both students and teachers, and to support the community. It was well-received and the institute is now planning to gather like this every semester. On a longer term they even consider inviting a larger community, like parents, former students, similar organisations, etc.

OST brings out the wisdom within the community and makes it more transparent. It gathers thoughts and ideas in a sustainable ongoing process, so that people can take more responsibility themselves in expressing their thoughts, ideas and feelings, and in solving issues within their community.