GoWoon Lim

Creator of the Knowmadic Gene model and Collaboration Design. Teacher at Paju Typography Institute and running The Knowmadic Gene Project.

If we live in a society that believes hierarchy provides power and authority, people will only listen when you are in a top position. As a young woman in Korea my big challenge was how to go beyond this belief system and find the language that communicates the things I care about.

Through finding education, partners and working experiences in Europe, I have given myself the space to explore how to live my life with the values that I believe in. The Knowmadic Gene model is my first discovery through collective efforts. It supports independent minds (me included!) who want to follow heart and meaning in life and create a common ground to work together internationally.

Developing Collaboration Design based on the Knowmadic Gene model at Paju Typography Institute (PaTI), and working with different academic organizations, I could experience that I did not only find my own language – society also got ready to embrace this content. It is really time to work together not only with people within the country, but also with my great partners all over the world. Providers of Goodness is our platform to invite partners of different continents.